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Oh, my heart is singing! To open up the latest edition (Winter 2009/10 Number 92) and see a wonderful review of Mending Invisible Wings by Midwifery Today founder, Jan Tritten. Here it is:

Mending Invisible Wings: Healing From the Loss of Your Baby, by Mary Burgess. 2009. (Healdsburg, California: Palm of Her Hand, $29.50, 175 pages, spiralbound.)

From the beginning of this sensitive journal and spiced throughout are lovely black and white drawings. Even if a mama is too grief-stricken to read or write words at the beginning of her grief journey, she can still take in the insightful drawings. Phyllis Klaus provides a gently loving Foreword. The journal moves parents along through the healing process with poems, tender words and places for the reader to write her own affirmations and to tell her story. This is an interactive journal and remembrance of the baby with many places to tell the baby’s story.

This book adds just what is needed to the healing realm of birth loss. Our resources in this area are so much richer because Mary Burgess took the time to help us through this difficult area of life and death.

This book can be purchased through http://www.palmofherhand.com.

Jan Tritten is the publisher and editor in chief of Midwifery Today magazine.

Thank you, Jan!


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There are many emotions spurred during the holiday season, and for the woman who has lost a baby, holidays can be a tender, emotion-filled, and difficult time.

Have you, or has someone dear to you, lost a baby to miscarriage, stillbirth, or within the first year of life? Were you the midwife or doula to someone who lost a baby?

If so, consider this lovely journal for yourself or this babylost Mama: Mending Invisible Wings – a healing journal for mothers who have lost a baby.

Within its pages are writings from others: mothers, doulas, a midwife, a father… each of whom have traveled this path. There are gently guided Healing Expressions, encouraging the reader to acknowledge, honor, and release her emotions surrounding this loss, plus an entire section of healing ceremonies. Poetry is woven throughout, like a golden thread. There are many illustrations on thick paper – to color, paint, write in, scribble on, decorate… illustrations that speak to a grieving woman’s heart. There are lots of blank spaces and room to think and write and draw and cry on and dream. There are visualizations and affirmations and suggestions for honoring the woman’s body, that she may so deeply feel has let her down.

There is no more difficult journey than to lose one’s child.

It is hard to find the words to say.

A gift of Mending Invisible Wings is a lovely place to start.

with love, m.

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Hi – Just wanted to share a site that is offering a free book giveaway of Mending Invisible Wings: Good luck to you!


And Emily’s site is a wonderful place to visit and know about. Enjoy this contest.


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October 15 is the National Infant Loss Awareness Night, and the world-wide candle vigil, Wave of Light, happens this night, everywhere at 7pm local time. Those who want to honor, acknowledge, and remember babies lost are invited to light a candle, or candles. Here are mine for tonight:

7pm, Oct 15, Candles

7pm, Oct 15, Candles

Candles, Oct 15, 7pm

Candles, Oct 15, 7pm

w/ Mother of All painting

w/ Mother of All painting

These candles were placed beneath the Mother of All, a painting created by Shiloh. Do you know the story behind this painting? If not, here is an excerpt from Mending Invisible Wings…


The painting is entitled: Mother of All, Send Your Angels to Protect This Holy Soul, and she has an amazing story…

While being painted, somehow the painting got punctured. The canvas actually tore through, in the area just below her right breast. I was devastated. I had no idea what to do.

My mentor and family matriarch, Sue Hoya Sellars, used the painting to demonstrate the technique of mending a painting.  You cut a piece of canvas and from another canvas, and gesso underneath and many layers over the back. The whole process takes some time, and while I was doing it, I felt the healing journey in myself as well.

You cannot see the tear on the front anymore, although there is a slight dimple.  She has healed, but on the back is this wonderful little band aid, created with so much care, which taught me to do a technique of curing paintings that I have had to do many times since.  I feel a sense of affection for that spot on the painting now – and the whole painting took on another layer of energy.

My husband was on a trip when I was working on healing it and finishing it, and as soon as he got home, he said he had to have that special painting in our home. It hung in our house for over five years.  I made prints of it, which became bestsellers,
with the caption, Protection for this Woman.

When Mary and I were working this book, Mending Invisible Wings, this painting came to mind as WHO needed to be cover. Mary agreed and so I designed the whole theme around her opalescent blue and purple palette. Then after the cover was completed, I spontaneously asked my husband if I could have the painting back – and he agreed, reticently. I said that I thought she had another life to live, where others could see her. I hung her up in my studio.  Now, she belongs to Mary Burgess, the Author of this book, and it was through sharing with her the story of the painting, that this little writing got included as one of the last pieces in the book.
Mary and I both see the deeper meaning everywhere, and are always and ever eager to share the medicine just beneath the surface.

She has always been a guardian for women. She is very rich… her colors are opalescent and have lots of shimmer. She is totally at peace, and she is not the one wounded, but the one protecting, whom the Mother of All sent for us. She is a Guardian, a Protector. The painting is a prayer, and the prayer itself is written in the lower left hand corner.

She did take that one wound, but I feel, for our sakes, she endured it and healed to show us all how to heal our wounds. She is a sign of protection and of healing.

Mother of All, Send Your Angels to Protect This Holy Soul


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Contact:  Palm of Her Hand, Mary MacDonald

Web:       http://www.palmofherhand.com

Tel:         1-800-515-6623

Email:     palmofherhand@gmail.com

Helping Women Heal from the Loss of Their Baby

Healdsburg, CA – September 1, 2009.  That revolutionary company, Palm of Her Hand, founded by Visionary Artist and writer, Shiloh Sophia McCloud is at it again with another book designed to bless the world – and this time, the topic is something not many people like to talk about: the death of a baby.  Author Mary Burgess, Shiloh Sophia McCloud and Phyllis Klaus, poignantly talk about this subject in their new collaboration.

This incredible new journal and workbook, ‘Mending Invisible Wings’, takes the mother on a healing journey working through the grieving process after the loss of her child, during late pregnancy, at birth, or within the first year of life. True to form with other Palm of Her Hand books, the journal uses creativity and self-expression for healing.

Shiloh met Mary Burgess, a Doula from Bellingham, Washington, a year ago after Mary had created a draft book for this delicate topic.  The two collaborated with Palm of Her Hand and Cosmic Cowgirls Ink, as well as grieving mothers, midwives, doulas and birth experts like Phyllis Klaus, to produce this heartfelt offering.  Mary had as a doula, witnessed a stillbirth, and as a mother she experienced the loss of her first baby early in pregnancy and the more she began to share about it, the more she heard about all of the other birth practitioners, and hurting mothers, who were in need of support on a topic so tender, there are often no words.

Mending Invisible Wings addresses a small window of time in a woman’s life, when she has lost a baby, but it is an experience that hurts for a lifetime no matter how much time has passed.  “When a woman loses a baby, she finds that she has very few outlets for her grief, and very few people who will talk to her, listen to her, without adding their own stories. There are very few places that she can deeply, honestly express herself, her grief, her birth story, her journey of loss and all it encompasses. This book is vibrant, and welcoming and encourages a baby lost Mama to fully express herself, through writing, drawing, painting, visualization, poetry, gentle ceremony, and so much more” says Mary.

This unique offering includes poetry, illustrations to color, creative healing expressions, ceremonies, rituals and guidance on moving through to the other side of this challenging experience.  The previously released titles from Palm of Her Hand/Cosmic Cowgirls are ‘Heart of the Visionary: A Workbook for Entrepreneurs’, and ‘The Caring One’, for Alzheimers Caregivers. The publishing company is woman and girl owned and is dedicated to providing tools for healing and transformation on topics close to our hearts. The next two books deal with recovery from addiction, and recovering from cancer.

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