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Mending Invisible Wings was written by a doula, whose first birth she attended was for a dear friend whose labor was wonderful and her birth, tragic.

As a doula, a birth witness, we find ourselves on the outside of care. The Mama and Dad of the baby receive emotional support, the nurses, docs, midwives have circles of support, and the doula finds herself lost, spiraling, grieving wholly, without support.

Mending Invisible Wings is written for mothers who have lost a baby. It is also written for doulas and childbirth educators and nurses and midwives and docs and anyone who loves and supports women in the childbearing years. Mending Invisible Wings gives a gentle, private outlet for grief.

If you are in need of gentle healing after witnessing the death of a baby or supporting a mother through her loss, please know that Mending Invisible Wings: Healing from the loss of your baby, is for you, too.

with love,



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October 15 is National Infant Loss Awareness Day.

If you, or if someone you love, has lost a baby, show your acknowledgment of this loss by lighting a candle at 7pm, your time wherever you are.

There will be a wave of light blanketing the earth, a world-wide reaching out and showing of support for those infants lost.

May this be a gentle night,


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A Mother’s Healing Journal following the loss of her baby through
late-term miscarriage, stillbirth, or neonatal death.

In Mending Invisible Wings, you are invited to
Honor the light of your Spirit Child,
Acknowledge your experience,
Explore the realm of Compassion & Forgiveness,
Release and Rebuild,
Soothe your aching arms & tender wounds
As you write, draw, paint & color your own tapestry of loss


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