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A Mother’s Healing Journal following the loss of her baby through
late-term miscarriage, stillbirth, or neonatal death.

In Mending Invisible Wings, you are invited to
Honor the light of your Spirit Child,
Acknowledge your experience,
Explore the realm of Compassion & Forgiveness,
Release and Rebuild,
Soothe your aching arms & tender wounds
As you write, draw, paint & color your own tapestry of loss



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Contact:  Palm of Her Hand, Mary MacDonald

Web:       http://www.palmofherhand.com

Tel:         1-800-515-6623

Email:     palmofherhand@gmail.com

Helping Women Heal from the Loss of Their Baby

Healdsburg, CA – September 1, 2009.  That revolutionary company, Palm of Her Hand, founded by Visionary Artist and writer, Shiloh Sophia McCloud is at it again with another book designed to bless the world – and this time, the topic is something not many people like to talk about: the death of a baby.  Author Mary Burgess, Shiloh Sophia McCloud and Phyllis Klaus, poignantly talk about this subject in their new collaboration.

This incredible new journal and workbook, ‘Mending Invisible Wings’, takes the mother on a healing journey working through the grieving process after the loss of her child, during late pregnancy, at birth, or within the first year of life. True to form with other Palm of Her Hand books, the journal uses creativity and self-expression for healing.

Shiloh met Mary Burgess, a Doula from Bellingham, Washington, a year ago after Mary had created a draft book for this delicate topic.  The two collaborated with Palm of Her Hand and Cosmic Cowgirls Ink, as well as grieving mothers, midwives, doulas and birth experts like Phyllis Klaus, to produce this heartfelt offering.  Mary had as a doula, witnessed a stillbirth, and as a mother she experienced the loss of her first baby early in pregnancy and the more she began to share about it, the more she heard about all of the other birth practitioners, and hurting mothers, who were in need of support on a topic so tender, there are often no words.

Mending Invisible Wings addresses a small window of time in a woman’s life, when she has lost a baby, but it is an experience that hurts for a lifetime no matter how much time has passed.  “When a woman loses a baby, she finds that she has very few outlets for her grief, and very few people who will talk to her, listen to her, without adding their own stories. There are very few places that she can deeply, honestly express herself, her grief, her birth story, her journey of loss and all it encompasses. This book is vibrant, and welcoming and encourages a baby lost Mama to fully express herself, through writing, drawing, painting, visualization, poetry, gentle ceremony, and so much more” says Mary.

This unique offering includes poetry, illustrations to color, creative healing expressions, ceremonies, rituals and guidance on moving through to the other side of this challenging experience.  The previously released titles from Palm of Her Hand/Cosmic Cowgirls are ‘Heart of the Visionary: A Workbook for Entrepreneurs’, and ‘The Caring One’, for Alzheimers Caregivers. The publishing company is woman and girl owned and is dedicated to providing tools for healing and transformation on topics close to our hearts. The next two books deal with recovery from addiction, and recovering from cancer.

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